RaceIQ Divisions - Performance To the Intelligent PowerTM

RaceIQ services a virtually untouched segment of the automotive market place. This segment has been created by the introduction of large scale production and advancement of hybrid and electric vehicles. High-end automakers are joining the growing trend to offer high-performance cars with reduced emissions.  RaceIQ incorporates its divisions (Performance, Custom Software, Product Design, Motorsports) to enhance the performance and experience of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV).

RaceIQ has been implementing performance software and hardware for years in the automotive market.  We have developed a proven approach that increases horsepower and torque, while maintaining fuel efficiency without risking reliability.  RaceIQ Performance Team helps clients plan and implement pre-built solutions by leveraging design elements and various software enhancements that support consumer experience, satisfaction and appeal.    

To help consumers get the most out of their vehicles quickly, RaceIQ delivers world class on-board experience with a unique User Interface Experience.  RaceIQ delivers a mobile application for the consumer that promotes engagement in their vehicles' overall performance and diagnostic status, educates on how to better maintain their vehicle, and connects them with peer and industry experts.    

RaceIQ is dedicated to maintaining Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) brand integrity while providing enhanced design elements that support performance and vehicle appeal.  RaceIQ highly skilled engineering and design teams work directly with OEM innovation teams to assess and determine key elements to enhance in each line-up, resulting in an more appealing performance-inspired offering to the consumer.    

RaceIQ passion for performance does not stop at production vehicles.  Dedicated to improving technology and education, RaceIQ is committed to supporting major motorsport events in multiple capacities around the world where research and development efforts will continue to be tested and validated.

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