Performance to the Intelligent PowerTM

The idea and technology behind RaceIQ Engineering was conceived in 2012; the privately held operating entity was established in Atlanta, GA in 2014. 

The firm’s sole focus is on the enhancement of hybrid-electric (HEV) and alternative-fuel vehicles (AFV).  By merging fuel efficiency and extreme performance, we have achieved the elusive goal of merging high performance with high efficiency.   

The RaceIQ customer base is major automakers that have both traditional internal combustion engines and at least one HEV & AFV offering in its line-up. By partnering with RaceIQ, automakers can increase the sales and margins for their product line, while capturing or protecting sales the green auto movement is gaining.

RaceIQ works directly with innovation and marketing teams to increase the brand’s value and protect the firm’s market share by also making their HEV & AFV offerings fun to drive while maintaining the focus on the fuel economy. RaceIQ estimates that a partnership with a manufacturer will result in the doubling of its North American HEV & AFV sales of each participating vehicle model every 24 months for the first four years of the program.

RaceIQ will consult directly with your Software Development and Innovation teams to aggressively ramp up the performance and driving experience of your HEV & AFV line-up.

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